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Find help understanding your insurance coverage, financial support for BAFIERTAM, and more.

Banner offers comprehensive patient support

To help you get started on BAFIERTAM® (monomethyl fumarate), Banner Patient Support will give you a call to answer your questions and arrange delivery of your prescription.

Supporting you at every step

When starting BAFIERTAM you won't be alone. Banner has a team committed to providing support and information to help you start and continue treatment.

Banner Patient Support respects your privacy and requires your authorization before we can reach out to assist you. If you have a prescription and we haven't contacted you, please contact us or provide your authorization online.

Dedicated Care Manager to provide personalized support and resources throughout the treatment process

Insurance benefit verification to help determine patient-specific coverage requirements

Financial assistance programs, including:

QuickStart Program

Banner's QuickStart Program provides a 30-day supply of BAFIERTAM to start you on treatment while your benefits are verified.

Bridge Support Program

The Bridge Support Program helps patients stay on therapy until coverage is secured.

$0 Copay Program

Try the $0 Copay Program.* If you have commercial health insurance, you may be eligible to receive BAFIERTAM for a $0 copay. Learn if you're eligible.

*The $0 Copay Program is for patients taking BAFIERTAM and is subject to an annual cap on the amount of assistance patients can receive. This offer is invalid for patients covered by any governmental program, including, without limitation, Medicaid, Medicare, VA, or TRICARE. Federal and state laws and other factors may prevent or otherwise restrict eligibility.

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